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You have tried everything. All those low-fat diets and even starving have come to nothing. Stubborn fat shows no sign of going away. Try our Healthy Keto diet plan!
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Keto: The king of all Diets

You have tried everything. All those low-fat diets and even starving have come to nothing. Stubborn fat shows no sign of going away. Try our Keto diet meal plan!

You hear it everywhere, but why is the Keto diet so popular? Does it even work? 

It works! If done the right way, the Keto diet gives fabulous results! Jenna Jameson’s Keto diet meal plan has shown how 80 pounds can vanish in under 6 months. You can achieve this too if you consistently follow our plan. 

What is the Keto Diet Meal Plan all about? 

Simply put, this diet replaces excessive, unhealthy carbs from your meal with higher consumption of fat and protein. Carbohydrates are limited to a maximum of 50 grams. Now don't get yourself into stress when you switch to healthy keto diet plan which is actually nutritious.This might sound very restrictive but research shows that it helps prevent and lighten several diseases, such as:
  • Diabetes 
  • Improves heart health and decreases cholesterol 
  • Reduces cancer risk 
  • Lowers polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) symptoms
  • Improve cognitive function
The way it works is, that once you decrease carbohydrate intake, less glucose is produced. With lower glucose, your body has to rely on fats to gain energy.Sometimes you may have confusion over healthy keto diet plan but worry not we have simplified it.  Ketones that are made from fats are used up by the body. This reduces the fat quickly. Your body has entered the state of ketosis.

The key is to create depravity of glucose. Your Keto diet meal plan should have 75% of fats and only around 5% carbs for it to work. The rest should be protein-rich foods like;
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Dairy products
  • Meat
  • Healthy fats 
  • Vegetables
Keep your plate colorful and fun with our meal plan.

What is prohibited?

Say goodbye to all the cakes, bread, and noodles. It may seem difficult at first, but the results are definitely worth it. Your body will thank you for choosing healthier alternatives to carbs. Our Keto diet meal plan book gives detailed recipes, tips, and tricks regarding your everyday meal plans and the overall diet. 

It is important to recognize that if the diet is not monitored properly, cholesterol levels can decrease drastically. This can be very dangerous for the body. For this reason, our expert nutritionists have constructed the best Keto diet meal plan book that is suitable for everyone. In it, we guide you through all the pitfalls that newbies face when they try diets other than healthy Keto diet plan. 

Types of Ketogenic diets

There is no one way to do dieting. Different elements can be combined to form the perfect meal plan for you. This is why we explore different methods in detail. You have a lot to choose from. For those who want to lose weight, you can check out our 1000 calorie keto diet meal plan 14 days. It is guaranteed to help you achieve the definition that you dream of.  Let us look at some other latest additions that will blow your mind.

Keto alkaline diet meal plan

This Keto diet meal plan focuses on maintaining the acidity and alkalinity balance in your body. Acidic foods can cause a lot of harm including digestion issues, gum sensitivity, and dry skin. Our meal plan has foods rich in healthy nutrients focused to make your bones strong and keeping the gut healthy.

The healthy Keto diet plan helps with hormone level balance which really aids in your weight loss journey. The addition of pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and more keeps your food more alkaline. 

Paleo Keto diet meal plan

Seeing the benefits of both Paleolithic and Keto diets, we have decided to combine the two to form the perfect diet for you. It focuses on natural foods, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Processed foods and sugars are not consumed in this paleo keto diet. It can be more flexible than regular Keto as it allows for starchy foods. 

Pescatarian Keto diet meal plan

We recognize the environmental and ethical implications of eating excessive meat. So this Keto meal plan is especially focused on avoiding meat and poultry, replacing it with protein-rich fish and eggs. 

Customizing your diet plan

A diet is not a prison sentence. It does not have to be one-size-fits-all. Keto for women vs men is very different due to differences in body, hormonal levels, and activities. 

Healthy Keto Diet provides diet plans that fit perfectly for your body! We focus on the goals you want to achieve in a sustainable, healthy way so that your body adapts to the change of diet.

Our Keto meal plans have Keto recipes for men and women, all of them delicious and highly beneficial for your body. One mistake that people often make is starting the diet too fast and too hard. 

When you starve your body and introduce extreme changes to your diet, a lot of harmful side effects may occur. 

Some potential side effects:

  •     Keto flu: low blood sugar, nausea, fatigue etc
  •     High or low cholesterol levels
  •     Muscle soreness
  •     Fatigue 
We have various Keto diet meal plan ideas for your everyday needs. Focusing on more protein intake is essential.

When cutting down your carbs, it’s not a good idea to completely eliminate them. This will not work out long term. Instead, start by decreasing the number of carbohydrates you would normally eat. 

Another important factor to consider before starting Keto is to be conscious of your medical conditions. During pregnancy, consult your physician before starting a Keto diet. Our experts have also constructed Keto diet while breastfeeding meal plans to ensure that if you do decide to follow a diet, it only offers benefits to your body. 

We have a special gluten-free Keto diet meal plan for Celiac disease patients or people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). This diet focuses on a lot of vegetable and meat intake. 

Change your lifestyle now with our Healthy Keto Diet. Stay fit and active with our nutrient-rich diet plans. We give you the full guidance to meet your fitness goals and live a long, healthy life. Follow our expert diet plan if you don’t want to end up struggling and losing motivation with all the unreliable guides on the internet.  

Helthy keto Diet Plan Offers :


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Keto benefits

Keto benefits



Keto makes it easier to burn fat and lose weight without hunger, without having to count calories


Low-carb diets can help normalize blood sugar, and can help reverse type 2 diabetes


A low-carb diet helps settle a grumpy gut, relieving gas, diarrhea, and cramps


Ketosis boosts energy and improves focus


A low-carb diet can reduce or even banish cravings for sweets


A keto diet is an effective way to lower blood pressure and reduce risks of heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease, helping you live longer

Eat what you love and lose weight cc

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Success Stories

Transformation Thursday!! 40 LBS DOWN AND PAIN FREE! All from my 28 Day personalized Keto diet, with no scheduled exercise or workouts other than walking or yoga when inspired. Let me know what you think!

My weight was always up and down. It was difficult to keep a sustainable weight, especially on restricted diets. It took me a couple weeks to adapt and start on my keto journey. I am now maintaining at 120! I preach keto for its health benefits! I’ve lost both my parents and I owe it to my family to stay healthy.

Transformation Thursday! 40 LBS LOST AND PAIN FREE! All from my 28 Day personalized Keto diet, with no scheduled exercise or workouts other than walking or yoga when inspired. Let me know what you think!

Keto = a diet that keeps its promise and really work. I lost the weight I wanted and I feel more energetic and focused. I recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better.

This Keto diet has helped me lose weight and get in shape. I get delicious recipes and tips to stick with keto. It was also really nice to have the iKeto team supporting me during this time, and giving me free tips on how to get healthy. I recommend to anyone!

The hardest part for me was to get started. Then, when I realized I could eat all the food I love, it wasn’t difficult. I didn’t feel the cravings. I have tried other diets in the past. Keto is really working and I didn’t gain weight after. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight.

The picture speaks for itself. Keto was a life changer. The mental clarity and the energy I gained and the super delicious food, combined with the fact you don’t have any hunger, are enough to draw anyone in to try keto.

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