14 Day Keto Diet

14 day keto diet- Make an effective start

You are just starting out with your ketogenic diet journey and don’t know what to do about the meals. We get the struggle and can help you out!

Playing on a field you don’t understand is a risky game. Our team has worked tirelessly to bring the best 2-week meal plan to you. Before getting you the food, we have analyzed all the macros, nutrients and the calories for a perfect start. 

A good meal plan has to encourage growth. We have designed it specially for the beginners so that you are not discouraged before you even begin. 

Keto 14 day meal plan shopping list

All of our meal pans come with useful shopping lists that tell you the best ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.  This quickens and eases the process of following a meal plan. This is how we divide the shopping list for your convenience:

  • Healthy fats and oil
  • Protein 
  • Dairy 
  • Produce
  • Herbs and spices
  • Baking items 

The way you can cut on the costs is by using the spices you already have. You can also use one cheese instead of many and green peppers instead of different colored ones. Cheaper alternatives can also be used if you are on a tight budget. 

Remember that the diet is not strict and can be customized according to you. But you have to keep the calories in mind so that you don’t under or over eat. 

We have hundreds of recipes that you can follow according to your preferences, allergies and lifestyles. You can get a customized 14 day vegetarian keto meal plan from our experienced nutritionists. 

14 day diet plan for weight loss

If you follow the plan consistently, you will get ideas for the weeks to come. This diet plan will help you lose weight and you will get healthy in no time. 

Week 1

For every day of the week, there are three meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can replace the recipes if you don’t are craving something else too. 

Monday: Cream cheese pancakes, Roasted Caprese salad and Chicken Jalapeno Casserole

Tuesday: Low carb oatmeal, Shrimp alfredo and Broccoli cheddar soup

Wednesday:  Scrambled eggs with half an avocado, Mediterranean cod and Cauliflower Pizza Casserole

Thursday: Keto friendly banana bread, peanut butter smoothie and Cauliflower lasagna

Friday: Omelet with bacon, Strawberry avocado smoothie, buffalo chicken wings

Saturday: Keto breakfast sandwich, mushroom soup, keto lasagna

Sunday: Spinach, mushroom and egg skillet, strawberry smoothie, Korean beef lettuce wraps 

Week 2

Make sure to not overburden yourself when following our amazing free 14 day Keto meal plan. You can repeat the meals you liked from the first week for convenience. 

Monday: scrambled eggs, egg salad, peanut butter chicken

Tuesday: Egg muffins, fried chicken and 

Wednesday: Breakfast parfait, Mediterranean cod salad, 

Thursday: 2 boiled eggs, seared tuna and cucumber salad, chicken crust pizza

Friday: Mediterranean omelet, guacamole, oven chicken thighs

Saturday: Overnight oats, baked salmon, zucchini noodles and shrimp

Sunday: Keto French toast, grilled lobster tail, lamb chops

Keep track of your macros!

Following a diet is not just about following pre-made diet plans. While this Keto 14 day meal plan is the perfect kick start, you need to be proactive for it to work.

 How can you reach ketosis if you are not aware of the nutrients you consume? Strict monitoring of carbohydrate intake is necessary so that ketosis is reached. Another big mistakes that people make with diets is eating too much or too little. With our professional guidance, you will be able to avoid the mistakes. Our nutritionists can prepare meal plans just for you! We will assess your required calorie intake and give a plan accordingly. 

If you are careful and don’t make these mistakes, 14 day keto results are guaranteed. You will see how your body slowly gets used to this new lifestyle. 

Follow these tips!

Following a meal plan gets difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule. It is important to work smart and not hard. 
  • Buy groceries in bulk to save time. Retail shopping is also cheaper than regular shopping
  • Do meal preps! Take out some time on a weekend and get everything ready with separate boxes and labels 
  • Freeze perishable foods and microwave until the next time to meal prep
  • Don’t forget to eat some snacks! Healthy snacks are always a good idea to avoid weakness. Healthy snacks like fruits and nuts are the best on this 14 day keto diet.

You have to stick to this easy 14 day keto diet. Don’t disrupt your flow by missing out on the scheduled meals even for a day. Flow is crucial if you want to maintain ketosis. 

Don’t be discouraged if you struggle in the beginning. With time, it gets easier as you get used to the diet. We are always here to help if you need any guidance or help with the meal plans!

Eat what you love and lose weight cc

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