What is Keto?

A Simple Ketogenic Diet Guide for Beginners

What is a ketogenic diet?


A ketogenic diet involves a shift in the sources of energy from the standard carbohydrate intake to the fats. When the carbohydrate intake is limited, the body automatically goes to fats. The liver begins to break down the body fat into fatty acids. In turn, these fatty acids become ketones. When your concern is what is Keto then you will be surprised to know more about it. taAfter this, the process of ketosis occurs which causes weight loss.

What happens during ketosis?


While most cells can break down fatty acids, others can’t. The brain cells and muscle cells are such areas where fatty acids can’t be broken. Hence, the body has to break down the fatty acids further to ketones. This process is called ketosis and is an essential part of the diet. Ketosis is a process that you will comprehend when you have the Keto to help For the ketogenic diet to work, the body has to constantly be in a state of ketosis without a break. 

Benefits of a ketogenic diet

  • Weight loss: As the body begins to burn fats instead of carbohydrates, the fat levels decrease and weight loss occurs. 
  • Toxin detox: Due to the excretion of ketones through urine, toxins are also released leading to a daily detox that keeps the body healthy
  • Balance of blood sugar: The blood sugar level does not dramatically change; it remains balanced
  • Reduced blood pressure: With lower blood pressure, the risk of heart diseases, kidney failures, and strokes decreases
  • Lower insulin: To clear the glucose from the blood, insulin is produced. This is how a carb dependency is created and fat storage occurs.
  • Good cholesterol: The result of a good keto diet is that the bad/harmful cholesterol is decreased while the levels of good cholesterol increase. 

How does Ketosis process make a  perfect diet plan for you 

We believe in the effectiveness of the diet plan that we provide. Having teamed up with the best nutritionists, the quality of the recipes in our weight loss meal plan is unquestionable. All of our clients have been satisfied with how personalized and effective the plan is.  Keto is the perfect plan for you as it can revolutionize.

We look at your situation and recommend diet modifications according to that. For example, men and women have separate needs. We recognize these differences and make plans with the experts in that particular area of the diet. Now don’t get concerned with searching What is Keto? wje upi can know about it by visiting our website.

Are you vegetarian? Lactose intolerant? Vegan? We have suitable diet plans for you! Everything will be covered in our plan.  There are so many recipes you can choose from, breakfast to dinner, everything is covered! 

There is good news! You can now get a free Keto ebook to guide you through the basics of keto and the recipes you can use to begin your keto diet journey. 

What are pitfalls of an unregulated diet? 


You might be thinking; can’t I follow a diet myself? Unfortunately, you can’t hack a balanced personalized diet with just a simple google search. Not only is it generic but the information is also not always accurate.  When you have a  query related to  what is Keto? you will be surprized by its benefits.

Beginners often have trouble regulating the amount of food they consume. This leads to undereating or overeating, which is very harmful to the body. With a diet plan that is specially built keeping your goals and body in mind, you will receive the right macros and nutrients. 

The beginning is the most difficult part of a diet. Our diet plan is made to be the easiest for you and begins lightly so that your body is used to the change. Starting over Ketosis process can bring a massive change to your body.

Once you commit, leave it to us to make the journey easy for you. 


Keto benefits

Keto benefits



Keto makes it easier to burn fat and lose weight without hunger, without having to count calories


Low-carb diets can help normalize blood sugar, and can help reverse type 2 diabetes


A low-carb diet helps settle a grumpy gut, relieving gas, diarrhea, and cramps


Ketosis boosts energy and improves focus


A low-carb diet can reduce or even banish cravings for sweets


A keto diet is an effective way to lower blood pressure and reduce risks of heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease, helping you live longer

Eat what you love and lose weight cc

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